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Tuesday, August 30

Katrina missed me and mine.

Saturday, August 27

it's a common mistake 

The phrase is "it doesn't faze me," not "it doesn't phase me."
It's sepArated, not sepErated.
a lot, not alot.

However therefore I would like to reiterate again that irregardless of how quickly you've perused my site, you may still be surprised by the shear irreverance of it all. If your paying attention and sticking to your principals, then one day ya'll will write English as good as I.
Very unique?

To the Star Wars fan whose blog partially inspired this entry: Thank you, and don't let your feelings get hurt if you ever find out I was making fun of you. Your tiny mistakes were inspiration to this imperious grammarian (read: self-righteous bitch) and my readers owe you one, because it actually got me to write.

Monday, August 15

my baby... 

...gets a bath

Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Change upon change, able Seaman.

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