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Wednesday, January 28


you know that moment when your mind explodes? that very second where you step outside of the life that you're living and into --boom-- something bigger. That just happened now as I was watching "The Hours." I think it happens often when I watch good films, which is why I like watching them. I hate getting lost in the life I'm living. It's funny, though, because you don't realize you're lost until you're not anymore.

I realize that this doesn't seem to have much to do with my trip, but it does. One of the reasons that I'm going on my trip is to increase the amount of time that I am found.

Sunday, January 25

First Post 

This is my first entry. This phase of the adventure is called "Preparation." I've got lots to do before starting my road trip and setting this up is one thing I can now cross off my list. I aim to use this format to keep a record of what goes on while I'm on my journey. I'll post a few more times before I set off, and then I hope to post every day while I'm road-tripping. It's not always going to be the most exciting stuff, but hopefully it will entertain at times.

So right now, I'm sitting in my house. There is an mild ice storm going on which is coating the trees and the roads. Fortunately I don't have anywhere to drive right now. There's lots more I could write about what I've done today, but I've got to cook dinner. This chronicling will take a little practice, so hopefully I'll get better at it. And the first post doesn't really matter anyway...

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