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The chronicles of Amelia's post road trip adventures

Monday, January 31


There's an IQ prerequisite, but there's no secret handshake. -Reality Bites

Dude, I went to Texas this weekend. And Louisiana. And Mississippi. And Alabama. Harlan and I flew out there to get his car and drove back. A mini-roadtrip. just like the good ol' days.

Today is payday. Yee-doggie.

For all of the IT professionals who are snobby coders like myself, you should go to the Daily WTF. It's a place to share those snips of spaghetti-coded inefficiency/inanity that some not-so-great computer programmer has created. It's a place to share frustration and disbelief when it's just not appropriate to scream "You SUCK!" Warning: It's a very techie site.

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Tuesday, January 25



If memory serves me correctly, today is the one-year anniversary of my blog. Ah, those were the days. I was getting ready for a year of road trip adventures. It's too bad that I never have time to reminisce.

My last post from my phone didn't get displayed, but it wasn't significant anyway. What has been significant lately? I'm still here in Orlando. I've been working hard. The team of people I work with are an RDT, a rapid development team. When we have a request, we respond with changes in the application in minutes and hours, rather than weeks and months. I like the stress of high expectations, but there are drawbacks to constantly working in that environment, especially working 60 hours a week for 3 months in that environment. It takes a very organized mind to manage a life like that, and I fall slightly short of very organized. I'm constantly treading water, and I have one day off a week to catch up. It's not the work that's suffering, it's the outside-of-work things that need to get done, like oil changes and laundry (a pedicure would be really nice as well). At this moment I feel some anxiety rising that I have to leave for work NOW and get some final changes made to one of my products. Don't get me wrong, it's fun, and I love it, but it is stressing. STRESSING, I SAY! whew. bye.

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Thursday, January 20


inauguration quotes

God bless America and may everyone else be condemned to Hell.

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Tuesday, January 18


I need

I'm in Best Buy and I've decided what i need more than anything else--a sponsor.

(more on this later)

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