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Fill out this form to send a text message to my phone. This function is currently available to all users of this site, but if it is misused, I'll have to restrict access to registered users only. Don't make me do that.
  • MSG: Are you coming over for dinner? Call home now. FRM: Mom
  • MSG: Just read u were in San Diego, I recommend Joe's Tacos on L St. FRM: Jane
  • MSG: Thx 4 setting up my home network, designing my website, writing that amazing Python script,& giving me a Shiatsu Massage. You rock!! FRM: Ms. Happy Client
  • MSG: I forgot to give you my number. It's 203-555-3329 Call me if you're ever in town again. FRM: Billy
  • MSG: Carolina is winning 67-55. Go Heels!! FRM: Dean Smith

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I created this functionality by altering code found on the Cingular Wireless website. I'd like to thank Cingular for providing this service. Use their website to send a text message to any Cingular customer.




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